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Galyn Görg sadly passed away you can read her exclusive interview at the bottom of the blog. 




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Too bad a lot of things were left on the cutting room floor....Robocop 2 is one of the most underrated sequel ever  made, i've watched it on on the big screen back in 1990 and still love it in 2023. 

So I tried to make a detailed comparison between the versions released in theaters, vhs and dvd, opposed to the workprint.
Besides, there are also some scripts infos and comic book caps.

The WP has unfinished effects, uses temp music (mostly Poledouris's mighty original score).
It has also new scenes, and alternate camera angles/shots in some scenes.
WP and VHS images have more screen information top and bottom and a little less left and righ, as usual.



-Magnavolt scene  : the logo is different ,generic .The WP uses a temp score.

-During the Mediabreak, different shots of the nuclear plant in Amazon, a nod to the Amazon war, Cain was court martialed during this war and the Rehabs in R3 are Amazon War veterans.


-Different letters, or title missing.

-In the script, Cain and Angie ,dressed with Hindi clothes, are visiting OCP and meet Juliette Faxx, they're very wealthy customers willing to pay million in cash and so are treated like VIP, only pictures are remaining from this scene, i'm adding parts of the script also that help to understand why Cain came and his obsession about Murph'.( Kong = Cain  in the script.).

One of the robots is a boss in the arcade videogame :

-During the attack of Nick's weapon shop, there is a line of dialogue missing in the theatrical version ,stuntman Tommy Rosales jr, while entering the shop ,shouts "I want the biggest ! the biggest one !"

  -In the script, Hob kills a woman  employee fleeing from the sweat shop, in the movie Cain ended up killing her instead of Hob.

The Old Detroit telethon had also an Elvis impersonator that was cut



-When Murph' is driving throught Detroit , going to River Rouge, instead of  Rosenman's  excellent "Robot Cruising" track, we can hear Sergent Reed talking to him on the car radio :

"Murphy ! Stay out of River Rouge , don't go to River Rouge it's over the line, it's a restricted area, you need to turn back, Damn it ! Murphy it's suicide you can't get backup there ! Murphy, do you hear me ?!" The scene is also shorter in the WP.

-In River Rouge,the old  sludge plant, when the Elvis guitar and stuffs are being filmed, the WP uses an Elvis song."It's Now or Never".

-Cain's mystical side was more devolopped but cut, the white crystal stone you see in River Rouge is used during a kind of ritual/ meditation.

-I didn't notice untill now that Hob was eating junk food at the table in the background, Cain and Angie wear their black outfits , like during the attack on River Rouge by Murph, Hob wears his blue jacket with white collar and grey pants.Interesting to note that Hob is really not into Cain's mystical/spiritual habit.Somebody is eating with Hob but we can't see enough of him, my guess is Catzo or Gilette. 

EDIT : This new larger pic shows that it was Hob and Catzo indeed.

This is what actress Galyn Gorg said about it :

" I remember a scene with the character, Cain, and my character, Angie, where we were meditating, focusing, and cultivating energy.  My feeling was that Angie thought Cain had spiritual insights, which were divinely ordained.  He had “the answer”.  Angie reveled in the attention from Cain and the fact that a man of power gave her attention."

You can notice that empty table in the movie, in the background when Murph enters River Rouge in the theatrical cut.

-At one point Murphy is visiting his own grave.It was in the script right after Murph is stripped at River Rouge.Dreams.


-The lawyers scene.Quite different in the script and more exhaustive.This is also a fight to get  money.

-The little league's attack was filmed differently, Reprogrammed Robo zooms on them , in several new close shots.

-When the kids leave, in the WP we can see one of them leaving and stealing a box.Really intending that they don't give a shit about Reprogrammed  Robo's speech.

-Besides the scene is longer in the WP, the shop 's throat is almost smashed by Reprogrammed Robo when he asks why the kids got away with a simple warning.

Owner : "They're getting away ! You let them get away ?! What the hell is wrong with you ?!!!"
Reprogrammed Robo :  "You seem hostile"
Owner : "They wrecked my shop !And you give 'em a lecture ! You metal  bastard !"
Reprogrammed Robo :  "That's a very harsh value judgment ,negativity only breeds antisocial behaviour,  restrain yourself".


 In the movie we see ED briefly during a media break and also
 when the mayor visits the old man at OCP, from far away.

-In the script Lewis comes to visit Faxx and ask her to help rebuilding Murph, some stuffs happen when she enters the building.

We will see at least bits of that scene in Robodoc season 2.



- In the WP the OCP scene where Johnson show the failed Robocop 2 prototypes is filmed slightly differently, the new cyborgs are missing, there is a shot of the OCP main hall in the beginning, a close shots of Old man's facepalm,a new shot of Johnson who looks better after the Old man's reaction (wich could've been worse), an extra shot of Shrenk andFaxx,looking

-When Duffy's chest is cut open, the shot is slightly longer in the WP and we can see all the abdomen.

-When Muprh' is being destroyed , the WP shows a new shot of Angie giving a piece  to Hob , Hob is yelling "Come on ! come on ! Stop screwing around ! Come on! ".

 -  Lewis was talking to Murph and encourage him to
   stay alive and fight.That was in the script.

- The  precinct shower scene from the WP  where Murph' is watching a naked female police officer taking a shower, Lewis also notices him.

-At one point Murph' is looking for the ID of the guy inside Robocop II, he goes throught OCP files.(Thanks to

-In the WP during Cain's brain removal, an eerie temp music is used instead of the score track.

-Difference between the Sunblock 5000 commercials

-A picture from a magazine, nothing related in the script since Hob steals a truck alone and forces his way through the cops outside the factory, my guess is since Hob needed a driver in the movie he had to persuade Angie to leave with him and don't wait for Cain, she certainly tried to argue a few moment because she was loyal to Cain.Maybe the scene occured between the moment they open fire on the cops outside and the truck leaving the building, and cut for pacing.

-Catzo the "Elvis guy"  fate is not shown in the movie, in the script he stabs Murph' with a bayonet and then Murph' throws him inside a Nuke tanker, Catzo is vomiting blood and dies in ecstasy.A little bit similar to Emil's demise.

In January 2016 
posted a breaking new about Catzo's fate, he was supposed to 
have a knife fight with Anne Lewis and die.
Thanks very much to the actor Michael Medeiros for the info.

" I don't remember all that much about the new warehouse scene except that I was supposed to come down a long flight of stairs and grab a bottle of wine off the table and swig it down while bitterly complaining about what was happening to the gang. And then somehow - I don't remember how - I got into a knife fight with Nancy Allen. Great stuntman George Chong helped design the moves and we worked on it for a week or so. We shot it and I thought it went well. Gave her character stature to kill me. Somehow in my naivete I assumed it would be in the movie. In retrospect and having now directed two films of my own I well know why it hit the cutting room floor.

And that is, or would have been the fate of Catzo."

You can recognize the big van behind Catzo and Lewis on this movie

screencap :


Also the truck rumbles over Murph when Angie and Hob escape , thanks to for the script sheet.

Extended Mediabreak with a speech from Johnson and an extra shot of the police seizing the money.

The scene where Hob dies was more detailed in the script and the police arrived not long after Murph' does.

A couple of longer extra shots of the press when Murphy tells to Robocain : "Cain let's fight outside !"

-Theatrical, very  brief shot :

  -An extra line from the Old man, "Stooop , stop it !"
 when Robocain and Murphy starts the battle.

-When Robo is climbing up to leap on Robocain, there is a shot of Estevez saying : "what the hell is he doing he's crazy that's suicide"

-When Murph is trying to rip Cain's brain, Cain tries to catch him with his flexible gripper, but Murph' rips it off.

-Before the Old man and Juliette Faxx are leaving the OCP Civic Center, there's a bit of dialogue missing in the TV.
Old man : " Feel like dinning out ?"
Faxx :       " Yes ,why not "
Old Man : "Good!" 

- Mayor Kuzack has a few short extra moments in the WP :
After Angie calls him during the foundraising he has a large smile.

* A few seconds more ,when the journalists leave him in favor of the Old man.

- "Will you just listen to me ! Listen to what i'm saying !"

I've contacted the super nice professional actress and dancer Galyn Görg, ans she accepted to answer a few questions.(Question by HOB888 and Johan, admin).

#1 How were you cast in the movie? Did you screen-test with Tom and co? 

I auditioned for the role of Angie in Hollywood.  I remember walking in and there were many other actresses waiting to go in and read.  During my audition, the director, Irvin Kershner asked me, “what would you do if you were attacked in a scene by another character?”  Because I am a professional dancer, I stood up and did a high kick to the side and yelled, “Ya!”  Mr. Kershner said, “nice…” and then laughed, so I laughed too.  It was a fun moment.  I always think this was the reason he cast me in the role of Angie.  

#2 The film has a lot of deleted scenes. Do you remember anything you filmed that didn't end up in the movie?

The power-hungry character, Cain, was the leader of our criminal gang of “bad guys “.  Cain’s primary intention was to protect his “nuke,” distribution network, build his empire and to expand his perverted version of utopia.  Cain considered himself a leader as well, as our spiritual guide.  I remember a scene with the character, Cain, and my character, Angie, where we were meditating, focusing, and cultivating energy.  My feeling was that Angie thought Cain had spiritual insights, which were divinely ordained.  He had “the answer”.  Angie reveled in the attention from Cain and the fact that a man of power gave her attention.

#3 According to IMDB, for the scene where 'RoboCain' breaks Angie's neck, she was able to twist her neck in an unnatural way that Irvin Kershner and the crew feared she had actually injured herself. Is this true?

Yes, this is true.  When Mr. Kershner explained to me the blocking of the scene and how he would like it to be played out, I volunteered to do my own stunt.  As a flexible and agile dancer, I was used to doing dance choreography where jumping, sliding, and falling to the ground where normal.  For one shot, they had me stand on boxes, hold onto a bar above my head, and then fall into frame.  We did quite a few takes.  I was somewhat sore by the time we finally achieved the take Kershner was happy with.  The scene is quite impactful and disturbing.  My family and friends do not like it at all!           

#4 The set was apparently chaotic at times. Nancy Allen had a bad time with the movie. Michael Medeiros who played ‘Catzo’ (the Elvis-looking one of the gang) recalls Kershner literally ripping pages from the script every morning, calling it sh*t while Frank Miller (the writer) would look on mournfully. How did you find filming RoboCop ?

I remember being on set and there would be delays because Kershner and Frank were having lengthy discussions about the scenes we were preparing to shoot.  The creative process was intense during the filming.  Scene revisions were happening on a daily basis.   There was a lot of pressure because of the enormous success of the first Robocop film.  

A little trivia:

Several times Frank and I had dinner to talk about scenes, my character, and future project ideas.  He mentioned to me that he was working on the script for, “Elektra,” and thought that I would be perfect for this exotic dark haired super hero.  I liked the idea.  However, Jennifer Garner wound up playing the role.  

#5 Despite that your character was part of Cain's

  criminal squad and supposedly her lover, we noticed that Angie

  was, sometimes, not as reckless as them, also she was loyal to Cain.

  What was your approach for the role of Angie ?

There was not much information in the script regarding Angie’s back-story.  As a result, I had the freedom to create her former life.  Kershner was supportive of my ideas.  My feeing was that Angie came from a painful childhood and was in search of safe connection with others, a sense of belonging, and unconditional love.  Because of her past, she felt betrayed, distrustful, and resentful.  This emotional turmoil caused her to lack empathy, be self-centered and harmful to others if need be.  Angie was deeply in love with Cain and would do anything to please him.  She felt that he had the answer to her happiness.  Cain gave her the attention, which she so desperately hungered for.  He introduced her to “nuke”, and was able to manipulate her through this addiction.  Angie had lost all sense of self.  She had become emotionally and chemically dependent in order to cope with the intensity of what she was feeling.  Angie’s tragic storyline reflected the journey of a young woman who had lost sight of the fact that the answers to what she was seeking dwelled within her.        

- Uncredited stuntman H.B Burns played Bad Brad

-Thomas Rosales Jr (Chet) and Harold Burns (Bad Brad)

- Song "The Kid Goes Wild" by Babylon A.D (during the arcade games bust scene in both theatrical and WP)  , it features small parts of Robocop 2 and some new stuffs with Robo and Hob, Hob is busted by Robo at the end of the clip.Pretty cool.

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